Albillo is an autochthonous Spanish white variety that brings freshness and mildness to its white wines.  

Albillo is a white grape variety that is present in many regions and, sometimes, with the same name, represents different castes. In the land of Zamora, they call it Albillo Común or Albillo Temprano. The cultivation of this grapevine is found mainly in Ribera del Duero, but also in the regions of Madrid, Ávila and Galicia. The first historical mention of Albillo dates back to the 15th century in the General Agriculture of Gabriel Alonso de Herrera, and describes the white wines of Albillo as "very clear, of soft colour and taste". It also advises not to keep them for a long time and explains how to improve their quality if mixed with other varieties such as Cigüente, Muscatel or Hebén.

Other Albillo appellations are Albilla, Albillo de Madrid, Albillo de Cebreros, Albillo Castellano, Albillo de Toro, Castellano, Blanco del País, Gual, Hoja Vuelta, Nieves Temprano, Pardina, Pardillo and Uva Perruna.

Characteristics of the grape

It is a strain of good fertility and early ripening and budding, which makes it sensitive to spring frosts. It is also sensitive to mites and less susceptible to cryptogamic diseases. It is mildly resistant to drought. The bunch endures well in the vine once it has reached full ripeness, and the grapes can be harvested once the passification process has begun.

The Albillo grape variety has a semi-built branch. The bunches are small in size, compact and shoulder-loosened. The berries are spherical, medium to small in size and yellowish brown with freckles. The skin is thin. The must has a high sugar content and low acidity.

Characteristics of the wine

Albillo white grapes are usually used to make rosé wines, sometimes as monovarietal and, in small quantities, to make red wines. In general. it tends to a balance between alcohol and acidity, and although it is of little aromatic depth, honey notes are detected. In a late harvest  higher glyceric load that will provide the wine with more silkiness and volume can be achieved.

Albillo's monovarietal wine is an intense yellow wine with golden reflections, clean and powerful teardrop. In nose it is intense and complex, with lots of fruit, very elegant. In the mouth it is a wide and fleshy wine.

The wines mixed with Albillo grape variety combine with fish and seafood.