This grape is a very exclusive variety that comes from French Burgundy, more specifically from the small village Chardonnay. It is a variety of limited production, used to produce white wines of extraordinary quality.

Chardonnay is a discreet and elegant variety that maintains its fame throughout the world thanks to its capacity to adaptation and expansion; so much so that nowadays is the second most widely planted white grape variety in the world, present in most of the world's wine-growing areas.

Characteristics of the grape and the wines

In Burgundy, it is the predominant grape variety in the area, and its wines, considered of a very high quality, are among the most prized worldwide. Many of these wines are fermented in oak barrels, acquiring their maximum potential after a long ageing process – either in wood or in bottle – to later make the wine enthusiasts fall in love with its exuberant aromas and class.

In Spain, we can find Chardonnay in different Designations of Origin, from areas very close to sea level to other higher and fresher, which shows how greatly this variety adapts to different terrains in our country.

Chardonnay is very strong and vigorous. Its grains are small bunches, quite spherical and green in color. The wines made from Chardonnay have great character. They are very balanced and have medium alcohol content and great finesse and aromas. The color varies from quite pale straw to a more pronounced, almost golden, yellow. They are smooth, fruity, not too sweet and with just the right proportion between acidity and body. It will remind you of butter, nuts and hazelnuts when mature.

The most famous wines in the world are made from Chardonnay: Montrachet, Chablis, Mersault, Corton Charlemagne, Pouilly-Fuissé... It is also one of the varieties used to make champagne (the only grape variety authorized to do so with Pinot Noir and Meunier) and some cavas.

The serving temperature of a Chardonnay wine, which makes the most of its aromas and flavors, is between 8° and 10°.