The Godello grape is the main white variety of Valdeorras and Bierzo Designation of Origin in Spain. However, its cultivation is authorised in other areas of Galicia.

If we focus on the grape itself, we can say that it is of excellent quality and has a complex and diverse aromatic profile with a certain maturity. It is a small and dense bunch with a medium sized berry and a green to yellow colour. In addition, it is a type of vine sensitive to humidity and cold that requires great care throughout the year. Therefore, it is better adapted to growth in dry soils.

When we speak of the white wines produced by the Godello grape, we say that they are characterized by being fine and delicate, with a great body and reaching a rather low graduation, from 11.5 to 12.5 degrees, and a balanced acidity. In addition, it has intense fruity aromas (which remind us of apples) and floral aromas, with mineral and herbaceous touches and yellow-greenish hues

Origin and History

The Godello, also called Agudello, Verdeja, Verdelho or Berdello Ojo de Gallo is, as previously mentioned, a grape native to Galicia, on the banks of the river Sil. It is the most important variety of the D. O. Valdeorras and is also present in other denominations of origin such as Monterrey and Bierzo (Castilla y León), where it is believed to have originated around the twelfth century.

Godello has been compared to the Albariño grape for many years because of its similar origin. The latter has always been better valued, being the great protagonist of Galician wines and characterized by greater aromatic subtlety. However, Godello has gained importance in recent years and has become remarkable for its greater ageing capacity in wooden casks, producing wines with complex and elegant nuances. In addition, it is said to be a grape that is "remarkable in everything, but outstanding in nothing" because it has no original characteristics that make it stand out.

Most outstanding Godello grape wines

Having learned more about the Godello grape, we offer you some of the most recognized white wines that it produces, which have been placed above 90 points in the Peñin Guide:

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