Sauvignon Blanc


A white grape variety originating in Bordeaux considered, together with Chardonnay, one of the great French grapes. It is related to the Cabernet Sauvignon red variety.

The Sauvignon Blanc is, in alliance with the Semillon within the Grands Crus de Sauternes, one of the most interesting and long-lasting pairings, although it plays a minor role here. The vine has travelled all over the world and is present in Europe and the new wine regions. It reaches great importance in the Italian northeast, in the Venetian region and in the Alto Adige, and its wine is slightly close to the characteristics of the Sancerres, although the character of the vine remains somewhat hidden.

Characteristics of the grape

Early budding and late ripening strain, resistant to cold. It has medium-sized bunches, cylindrical in shape. The berries are medium sized, round and golden amber in colour.

Characteristics of the wine

Sauvignon Blanc produces dry, full-bodied and aromatic monovarietal wines, generally designed for young people. Very elegant and balanced dry white wines, with varietal aromas present during the first years. Late harvests or with Botrytis can produce great liqueur wines. Aging is not easy, unless the wine is kept in casks for a long time.

Greenish in colour with golden reflections, Sauvignon Blanc stands out for its herbaceous aromas, which give flavour to dry grass, and fruity aromas of pineapple, mango and pink grapefruit.

In Spain, The Sauvignon Blanc blends with the Verdejo in the Upper Rueda or is intended for monovarietals that in the tasting are intense aroma and with notes of ripe fruit. Its wines are characterized by their great intensity and a strong aromatic power reminiscent of tropical fruits (fruitfruit, grapefruit, banana) and flint. The range of flavours that can be found in the wines made from this strain are: redcurrant leaves, freshly cut grass, Espina grape and asparagus.

It gives acid musts, with flavours of green fruits, grass and leaves, it also reminds us of currants, willow, mushrooms and flowers.