Bodegas Chesa

D.O. Somontano, Spain

Bodegas Chesa is a family vineyard with
ten hectares of the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties
About us
Production of Bodegas Chesa is limited to about 80,000 bottles of red wine per year, made exclusively from their own grapes grown at their vineyards.

It's situated in Somontano of Barbastro, "The Galafones Spot" historically known as "the large farm vineyard".

The color of the soil is not red clay but white; we enter the LIC “gypsum of Barbasto” an original geological formation because of an abrupt interruption in the habitual substrates of the area.

In Somontano, these lands are called “Chesas” which give the marked character that defines the wine thus, the name of the Bodega.

These formations of “Chesa” contribute to the special characteristics of their grapes; small, optimum ripening size of the grape and with a large proportion of skins, where the noble substances of the grape are found such as their sweet tannins and abundant fragrances.
Where we are...

Bodegas Chesa Calle Corona de Aragón, 35 A Barbastro 22300, Spain

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