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The Can Ramon estate was founded in the fourteenth century. It was established as a small hamlet where also part Zidro Can Can Ramonet and lasted until the seventeenth century with the split of these two lines because of pubillatge. Both the wine industry and livestock have been the basis of this property.
In the nineteenth century the manor received a boost due to the high demand for wine in both southern France and to the American colonies, by the proximity of the farm to the sea and the ease of shipment of wine in Sitges and Vilanova i the Geltrú.

Phylloxera both favored the wine trade in the beginning, is also the decline in later years until it found the remedy to the disease, the American stand.

Times change, the twentieth century is a shift of resources which lower this type of exploitation wine industries are opening in nearby towns are reducing the number of arms so far worked the land.

These are hard years, civil war, the postwar period. Just devote the necessary and Can Ramon is slowly aging and each crop will grow the terraces leaving the house furthest from becoming part of the forest.

In 2001 started a very ambitious project, return the brilliance that had enjoyed the estate.

This project goes through to make wines and champagnes as before, using earth friendly ancient culture systems without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Following the moon to plant, prune or harvest and respect when bottled.

A series of instructions that development and our grandparents taught by the ancestors of the same.


Our maternal family, the aunt Nuria has given us the only true way to make good wines, are producing good grapes, vines balanced outcome where production is fair and properly ripe grapes.


We chose the mastic as our symbol. This is not coincidental, is the geographical center of our farm (long: N41 ° 15,656” lat:” E001 ° 45,086) and has been a faithful witness to our history over the centuries, has seen we have, as we have grown as has been growing throughout the property, cellar, cellar, stable …

The design of our logo, is a very intimate personal story and to explain to those who you come to visit.
Where we are...

Can Ramon Masía Can Ramón Sant Pere de Ribes 08810, Spain

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