Cillar de Silos possesses an underground wine cellar
which dates from the 17th century
About us
The Aragon family has been historically linked to wine and with working traditions related to wine with the best results in the area for many years. Although the winery was inaugurated in 1970, Amalio Aragon had already begun buying small plots with high quality vines, waiting for the right moment to complete his dream of becoming a winery owner.

The first harvest of Cillar de Silos was in 1995.

The winery was founded in 1994 by Amalio Aragón along with his children, yet the origins started back in 1970 when the father started buying small plots from neighbouring vine growers with the dream of one day being able to elaborate wine in his village of Quintana del Pidio.

When he decided to create his own winery, he called it Cillar de Silos after the monk who historically was in charge of the administration at the Silos Monastery.

The cillero was the person in charge of the daily organization of the dispensary, the wine and food for the Order.

Traditionally, the supply of wine for the Order was made in Quintana del Pidio in the 17th century. This historical fact is testimony which credits the wine growing lineage of the village and the Aragón García family opted for the resounding name of Cillar de Silos to design their wines and winery. Cillar de Silos also possesses an underground wine cellar which dates from the 17th century. The natural humidity and temperature conditions (between 11, 5º and 12º C) are constant throughout the year and are ideal for wines to finish the process of ageing in the bottle.
Where we are...

Cillar de Silos Paraje el Soto, s/n Quintana del Pidio 09370, Spain

Proud of their vines and their passion for the land