Domaine les Caizergues

Terrasses du Larzac, France

A long history based on traditional arts and crafts
About us
Over the course of its long history, local, traditional arts and crafts have served as the warp and weft of le Domaine les Caizergues. Located in the foothills of the Cevennes to the north of the city of Montpellier in the South of France, the estate bears witness to viticulture and wine-making dating back to the 11 th century. More recently, during the golden age of sericulture in the Languedoc, the estate was an important centre for silk making in the local area.

A new chapter, a new philosophy

2017 marked an important new chapter in the estate’s history. In August 2017 two ambitious British entrepeneurs, Bob and Pat Middleton, bought the vineyard with a view to further developing its potential. They have set about introducing more modern and more environmentally-friendly viticultural and vinicultural practices to the estate, whilst ever mindful of the importance of remaining true to its heritage and terroir.
Where we are...

Domaine les Caizergues Brissac, Herault 34190 France 34190, France

Authentic wines from Terrasses du Larzac